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 I am a very talented person.  One of my talents is playing the harp for now 6 years.  The harp is the most difficult instrument to play;  of which I began playing it when I was only six years old.  My next talent is dancing.  The type of dance that I practice is classical ballet.  I love to dance!I  It is one of my greatest passions.  I have been doing ballet ever since I was three years old.  I am also taking pointe classes this summer. (Pointe is the shoe that professional dancers wear during  their performances) (It is comprised of cloth and glue left out  to harden and fashion a very hard structure). (Send me a message for more details!) :) I own two dogs which are, AlexBear, and Victor.  Victor is a bull/ pit, but don't worry! He is very sweet. :wink:  I am also homeschooled, I have never ever been to regular school and I will never be.  :) I am in the seventh grade going into eighth this fall  and will be again taking Intro to Biology.  :) I like it because I enjoy dissecting and learning about God's fascinating creation! my test scores have been great so far except for that very first Bio exzam. With much melancholy, i received a D.   :( But at the last part of the test I got all of the questions correct. peculiar isn't it? :wink:  I  also write poems, and very good papers, and sometimes varriations.  As you can see I am using all of these strange words but as you know I write papers and books so that would be very obvious to you guys. lololol:D  well I have talked to you guys enough now goodbye everybody! :)  And one more thing, my favorite color is pink!!!!!!!! :)

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Reply authorgirlEv
12:47 PM on August 16, 2013 
Hey, you're back like I am!
Reply Victoria
8:42 PM on March 23, 2012 
We must pray....
Reply Victoria
10:10 PM on December 30, 2011 
Love God. Make Diciples. Spread the Gospel.
Reply angel26
6:25 PM on August 20, 2011 
i went to loveland, colorado. :-)
Reply A Steelersfan98
3:43 PM on August 2, 2011 
nj conference
Reply Dreamgirl16
6:42 PM on May 14, 2011 
im just like you !!!!!!!
Reply BaSkEtBaLl ChIcK (a.k.a Amanda)
6:21 PM on November 27, 2010 
Reply Victoria
5:09 PM on October 2, 2010 
Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!
Reply authorgirlEv
11:33 AM on September 11, 2010 
Happy Sabbath to you too, Victoria! :)
Reply Victoria
9:18 AM on August 28, 2010 
Sorry that I haven't been on recently everyone I hope that you have had a great summer and that you are ready to hit the books agian! Happy Sabbath!
Reply Victoria
9:00 AM on June 19, 2010 
The wind trembled and the earth quaked, the waves roared and the lightning flashed, Many wailed, and many prayed many thought they would never see the light again, but some still held hope, in their hearts they pondered it, a hope that a Savior would come to save the world from the evilness of sinful hearts, someone who would set the captives free and would calm the storm in the brink of the night, Someone who would redeem; Someone who would see that the storm could be at peace. The Savior, it would be.
Reply Sabvertoothtiiger
3:44 PM on June 17, 2010 
lolity, lolity, LOL!
Reply Victoria
2:56 PM on June 12, 2010 
Happy Sabbath from Huntsville, Alabama South Central Conference 64th CampMeeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply crazibabefochrist
5:44 PM on May 29, 2010 
oooo good title lol.
Reply Victoria
5:01 PM on May 22, 2010 
My poems are mostly based upon nature and humor for the most part; but one of my recent ones was mostly on a feeling of anger and frustration, it is entitled Lif is Hard.
Reply crazibabefochrist
7:13 PM on May 18, 2010 
Thx victoria! It's cool that u write poems 2. what kinds have u done?
Reply Victoria
1:56 PM on May 18, 2010 
Heyyyyy friends are you guys reafy for summer????
Reply Victoria
8:41 PM on May 14, 2010 
haha i luvv rock to what is ur fav artist?
Reply Yours♥Truly(:
4:06 PM on May 13, 2010 
my fav kinda music is rock...dont ask
Reply Victoria
9:25 PM on April 17, 2010 
Coool me to sort of kinda lol :)

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